Breast Self-exam + breast cancer signs poster - EN version

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By downloading this poster, you will find the breast self-examination procedures described step by step, as well as some compagnies that work around cancer (particularly breast cancer)

#jeuneetrose (charity)
#entrenoue (hats and turbans for chemo)
#moncarredoux (implantable port protection cushions)
#hoptisoins (clothing with opening adapted to care)
#crabette (second-hand articles around cancer)
#reseaudeskinesdusein (physiotherapists specialized in breast physiotherapy)
#woundedwomen (lingerie and batch suitable for post-operative abdominal and perineal)
#auxtempsdespois (post surgery heart cushions)

This poster is automatically attached to heart cushions order packages (1 copy)

Do not hesitate to download it, to print it, and to leave it in the waiting rooms around you in order to make breast self-examination procedures known to as many people as possible ♥

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